Make smartphones the exception for our children, not the rule.


Concord Promise is a movement to urge parents of elementary and middle school children in Concord to delay purchasing a smartphone for their child until at least eighth grade, as smartphones easily provide kids with unrestricted, at-your-fingertips access to the Internet and social media. 

Our platform supports parents, whether you decide to delay purchasing a smartphone for your child or not, by providing local educational events designed to share the newest research available from our partners.  Our partners represent the best local and national professionals in their fields: healthcare, technology, education -  and they see the connection between smartphone use and rising rates of depression, anxiety, and other health concerns among young people.

At Concord Promise, our goal is to reduce the social pressure to have a smartphone by making smartphones the exception, not the rule.  Viable alternatives to smartphones already exist in the market. These alternatives allow children to communicate with their families and friends, and have phone and text features comparable to smartphones, but without unrestricted, at-your-fingertips access to the Internet and social media.

Take a moment to understand why we advocate delaying, to review our FAQs and to stay connected.  Let's encourage our kids to put their devices down, and pick their heads up!

Together we can create change in our community!


If your children attend school in Concord and you are choosing to delay smartphone ownership until at least 8th grade, join the Concord Promise


Many communities outside of Concord have launched their own Promises. You can join an existing Promise or launch one in your community. Our new organization Turning Life On makes it easy. Check us out!


If you’re still looking for additional information about the movement, please check out our About page, Why Delay?, FAQs and Resources.