Tips for Spreading the Word

Being a Promise champion may seem overwhelming at times but it doesn’t have to be! Take it step-by-step. You’ll be surprised to learn how many people support this initiative. While delaying smartphones is an important part of our mission, our goal is that all parents get the support and information they need to make smart choices about smartphones and technology.

  • Here are some ways you can get the ball rolling and continue the momentum in your community. Check back often to refresh your memory and to find new ideas. You can also download our checklist here.

  • Reach out to your friends. The best next step is to reach out to friends who you know share your same concerns about smartphones and technology. Personal experiences and emails are always best. We also have a templates to help you get started. Remind parents that even if their child already has a smartphone, they can still get involved.

  • After your initial email, consider a more broad email to the parents in your child’s class. Most parents have access to a school directory. If not, reach out to your room parents to see if they can help.

  • Enlist the support of your school PTO/PTG and principal. These can be great allies! We have had principals and superintendents help our Promise Champions spread the word through their own blogs or newsletter. Click here for a sample blurb you can supply for your principal or superintendent.

  • Ask your PTO/PTG to help spread the word with a direct email to your school community or submit one yourself. Here is a sample.

  • We find that face-to-face meetings with these key players are best. Make sure to take a quick look through our talking points before the meeting or reach out and we’ll setup a time to chat. If they agree to support your initiative, let us know so we can add them to your list of partners. If they want to remain neutral, that’s ok too. It’s a good idea to keep them informed anyway.

  • Ask your PTO/PTG if you can speak at the next meeting. Here are some talking points.

  • Submit a blurb for your school newsletter. Here is a sample.

  • Reach out to your community newspaper with a letter to the editor. You can use this sample email as a template.

  • Share your promise page via Facebook and other social networking sites. For a list of sample posts, click here.

  • Follow us on Facebook and share our posts. We are always posting the latest articles and events. Make sure you follow us and invite others to follow us too. Find us here.

  • Reach out to other leaders in your community. This can include preschools, religious leaders, community social workers, pediatricians, psychologists, town officials and other people who work with children (like coaches and activity teachers). Ask them to help you spread the word in their work. Often they will be willing to write about the Promise on their social media platforms or blogs. Remind them that the Promise is about supporting all parents. If they agree to support your initiative, let us know so we can add them to your list of partners.

  • Send a follow up email. If you’ve been at this for a few months, consider sending an email to your parent members and supporters asking them to help you spread the word. This can be a quick and easy way to double your parent community. Reach out and we can send that email through mail chimp.

What have we missed?

Let us know so we can share your ideas with our community.