Can You Raise a Teen without a Smartphone?

We meet a lot of parents who lament that it's just too hard to withhold smartphones from their children because their child will be left out, ostracized or worse, suffer "social suicide". This is one of the main reason we formed Concord Promise, so parents and children wouldn't have to go alone in making this important decision. Our goal is to ignite a paradigm shift in thinking, so more kids are FREE from smartphones than have smartphones, giving kids the childhood they deserve to learn and grow in the world, not tied to the world via a device.

Someone recently sent this article to me. It's excellent! Melanie Hempe, RN, from Families Managing Media, addresses every reason why we wait to give our kids smartphones and actually, kind-of convinces me to wait much longer. I actually can't think of a single concern she doesn't address. But you tell us....Did she miss anything? Let us know below.

Can You Raise a Teen Today without a Smartphone? Blog post by Melanie Hempe, RN:

Melanie Hempe is the Founder and President of Families Managing Media (FMM). With a nursing degree from Emory University, Melanie has spent over six years working with leading researchers and technology experts on the impact of video games, social media and smartphone media on children and families. Her passion for educating families about the dangers of screen addiction and providing practical solutions has made her a sought after expert and speaker throughout the United States. Melanie's commitment to reconnect families through meaningful interactions and reestablishing balanced use of technology in the home and school is at the heart of Families Managing Media. Melanie knows first-hand the impact of screen addiction of a family and this has led to the development of cutting edge programs from Families Managing Media.