Introducing Sharon Maxwell, PhD, Human Values Digital World

For those of you who missed our first event, Dr. Sharon Maxwell was, well, amazing! And we are thrilled to partner with her and Chelsea Maxwell, EdM! Dr. Maxwell and Chelsea have a deep understanding and concern for our children's social emotional intelligence in this online, in-your-face world and so they travel around the country offering advice and solutions for parents. When I spoke with them, they were eager to tell us that parents they meet, in every region, are desperate for parent-to-parent support, which is why they are so excited about Concord Promise.

Never before has technology imbedded itself so deeply into the minute-to-minute reality of our lives. Social media and smartphones have become the new landscape where teens define themselves, develop relationships, and understand love and intimacy. In our workshops and presentations across the country, we meet parents who are longing for community, to not be alone in delaying access to screens. Concord Promise offers this community, supporting parents in making the hard decisions we know are best for our kids!
— Sharon Maxwell, Ph.D., Human Values Digital World

Dr. Maxwell is currently penning her second book: Who's Raising Our Kids: Nurturing Human Values in a Digital World. Here is a recent letter she wrote to her blog readers: 

Dear Readers,

Happy Fall! I hope you are all enjoying the excitement and energy of the new school year and are finding moments to refresh and renew. Chelsea and I have been traveling and presenting to schools across the country and continue to be moved by the continuous investment of time, care, and love that teachers and administrators pour into their work. We are inspired by the parents, who show up to our presentations, after a full day of work, hoping to find ways to better help their children become healthy, responsible human beings.

We live at a time when values, like saying what you mean and being accountable for your words, can seem arcane.  And we are all witnessing what happens when words no longer matter. But how do we convey our values to our children, who more and more live in a digital world? Wherever Chelsea and I go,  whether we are presenting on Sex and Sexuality or the Freedom of Self-Control, the questions return again and again to how we can teach values to children in an internet driven culture. Nothing seems more relevant.

Chelsea and I have spoken on this topic throughout the country.  We have so much information to share. Many of you have asked for the book.For the next few months we are going to be blogging excerpts from the book we’ve been working on: Who’s Raising Our Kids? Nurturing Human Values in a Digital World. We would love your feedback. This is a large and complex subject, so please bear with us, as we break it down and construct what we hope will be practical information that you can use with your child, today. Let us know how it goes!

We suggest you take some time to read through her blog posts and exerts on her book, but we also understand how busy you are! So if you only have time to read one post, check this one out: 

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We look forward to working with Dr. Maxwell and Chelsea and bringing them to Concord again soon!