April 2 Digital Socialization and Our Children: A Community Conversation

Thank you so much for attending Concord Promise’s first event: Digital Socialization and Our Children, A Community Conversation. It was wonderful to have so many parents in attendance and we are grateful to our panelists for sharing their experiences and knowledge.


Here’s our recap:

Like Concord Promise, Dr. Englander encourages parents to delay smartphone ownership until at least 8th grade, but ideally even later. Dr. Englander shared new research about what age kids are getting smartphones and the reasons why. She discussed increased incidences of cyber bullying by children who have smartphones. To learn more about Dr. Elizabeth Englander, please visit her website at englanderelizabeth.com.

Dr. Maxwell shared so much useful information and real life stories from her professional experience as a clinical psychologist. She talked about teaching children to use technology through the lens of your family’s values and the importance of parenting children in whatever environment they are spending time, including in the digital world. We strongly encourage you to explore her website where she offers a wealth of information.

You can find information about Dr. Sharon Maxwell through the following links:

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Email: drsharonmaxwell@drsharonmaxwell.com

Website: drsharonmaxwell.com

Thank you to Danielle Heard for sharing her experience as an educator and a parent. Ms. Heard talked about choosing life experiences that may be challenging over the ease that sometimes comes with having a smartphone.

Finally, a special thank you to Irene Todd and Lydia Rheinfrank for their support of Concord Promise and our mission to support, educate and partner. It is through their support, that this event was a success. A special thank you to Irene for sharing her family’s journey as they navigate the world of digital media and devices.

To join Concord Promise and learn more about what we are doing, visit our website at concordpromise.org. Although we encourage parents to delay unrestricted internet and social media access until AT LEAST 8th grade; our mission is to support ALL parents through educational opportunities and partnerships with healthcare and technology leaders. You do not need to join the promise to stay involved. You can join the promise here - Join the Promise.  There is also an option to join our mailing list here: Subscribe to Newsletter and Events.


We hope to see you at our next event!

Concord Promise Team