CONcord promise staff and contact info

Adrienne Principe, Cofounder

With an educational background in Mass Media, Interpersonal Communication, English and Political Science, Adrienne brings passion and a unique perspective to Concord Promise. She is inspired by the desire for her children to experience a hands-free, heads-up childhood that will give them the skills to co-exist safely with technology and become responsible, resilient and empathetic adults.  You’ve likely seen her racing from pickup line to pickup line at Nashoba Brooks, Fenn, Thoreau and Concord Montessori where each of her four children attend school. You can connect with her at

Charlotte Whitmore, Cofounder

Charlotte is a practicing attorney with a Masters Degree in Education, but she is a total novice when it comes to parenting her three children.  That is why Charlotte turned to others when trying to decipher parenting in a digital age, and looked for support from her peers in delaying her children's access to social media and the internet.  Charlotte has children at Willard and Nashoba Brooks, and she is on the Nashoba Brooks Board of Trustees.  You can reach her at

Alexa Anderson, Cofounder, Press inquiries

Alexa Anderson puts the Concord in the Concord Promise.  Born and raised in Concord, and a product of its public schools, Alexa is now the VP of the Thoreau School PTG, sits on Thoreau’s School Advisory Committee, and is part of the district’s strategic planning committee.  So, she’s clearly committed to working with the schools to cement Concord’s legacy as a fantastic place to educate and raise children.  

Although she spent many hours as a kid on her family’s Commodore 64, she’s committed to learning all there is to know about this ever-changing landscape of technology as it relates to kids because it just doesn’t seem so innocent as it did playing California Games (Anyone else? No? Okay, I didn’t think so) with her brother back in 1985. You can reach her at


Veronica Erston, Cofounder


Sue Reynolds, Cofounder


Meredith Atkins