Pen and ink on paper

18x24 in

"This pen drawing was inspired by a neuroscience study at the University of Zurich that found that increased smartphone use caused the area in the brain corresponding to movement of the thumb to enlarge. In an era dominated by technology, when our hours are increasingly being spent in enticing onscreen worlds, at what point do we stop using our phones and let them use us instead? For many people I know, leaving their smartphone at home could ruin their day. I decided to explore this corporeal relationship we have with our phones and how our connections to these devices may be even more physical than they already seem. By using shapes resembling neurons to render the figures in this drawing, I emphasize the fact that, neurologically speaking, our phones have become almost like another appendage. Outlining these intimate moments in neurons, I suggest that though we may be on the threshold of letting technology take over our lives, we have the power and agency to think for ourselves."

Nina Huttemann is a Middlesex Senior in Concord, MA 

Nina Huttemann.jpg