Below is a list of experts and organizations that support the mission of the Concord Promise. 


Away for the Day, an initiative from the makers of the film "Screenagers"

Be Well Be Here, a non-profit mindful wellness collaborative dedicated to co-creating personalized practices through supportive experiential learning with Lara Wilson, MA, GCMS.

Nancy Carlsson-Paige, EdD, Author, Speaker, Founder Defending the Early Years, Professor Emerita, Lesley University

Joe Clement, Veteran Teacher and Author of Screen Schooled: Two Veteran Teachers Expose How Technology Overuse is Making Our Kids Dumber

Concord Museum, A great destination for parents and kids to participate in screen-free activities. Look for events sponsored by and at the Museum.

Elizabeth Englander, PhD, Director, Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center

Richard Freed, Ph.D., psychologist, speaker, and author of Wired Child: Reclaiming Childhood in a Digital Age

Edward Hallowell, MD, EdD, Psychiatrist, founder of The Hallowell Center for Cognitive and Emotional Health, Author (Driven toe Distraction), International speaker, former faculty of the Harvard Medical School.

Melanie Hempe, RN, Families Managing Media 

Jean Kilbourne, Pioneering Activist, Speaker and Writer.

Rachel Kramer, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Concord, MA

Susan Linn, EdD, Research Associate Boston Children's Hospital and Lecturer on Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Founding Director of Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, 2000-2015, Author. She is an international expert on the impact of media and marketing on children.

Robert C. MacDougall, Professor of Media Studies, Communication Department, Coordinator of Video Game Studies Concentration, Curry College, Author. 

Sharon Maxwell, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Author

Alan Meyer, MD, pediatrician Boston Medical Center with over 40 years experience, Emeritus Professor, Boston University

Middlesex Partnerships for Youth, Inc.

Meghan Owenz, PhD, Assistant Teaching Professor, Penn State University, and Adam Owenz,

Anthony Rao, PhD, nationally-known expert in child psychology, author (The Way of Boys).

Cris Rowan, BScOT, BScBi, SIPT, CEO Sunshine Coast Occupational Therapy Inc. and Zone’in Programs Inc.. Pediatric Occupational therapist, biologist, international speaker and author of “Virtual Child.”

Joni Siani, M.Ed. Psychology, Media and Digital Literacy Education, Author, Filmmaker, Consultant

Kaiwei Tang, Cofounder, Lightphone

The Bedford Promise

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