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An exciting initiative has launched in TOWN called TOWN Promise. A chapter of Concord Promise, TOWN Promise encourages parents to delay giving smartphones to their children until at least 8th grade. Supported by recent research regarding the impact of smartphones on developing brains, our hope is that, together, we can make a change and give our kids the gift of a hands-free, heads-up childhood.

The Promise’s objective is to reduce, if not eliminate, the social pressure to have a smartphone. This community-based support platform will unite parents with a public promise so parents can see who else is on board.

Through this platform, we will support ALL TOWN parents through educational events and partnerships with leading professionals in the field. Parents can also cross-reference other community Promise members and events and access the Concord Promise closed FaceBook group which is a forum for parental support.

The Promise provides resources and comprehensive information to assist parents and kids on the risks and responsibilities of technology use.

To learn more about the TOWN Promise, and to join, please visit / TOWNPromise