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I am writing to invite you to join an exciting initiative that has just launched in our community called TOWN Promise. A chapter of Concord Promise, TOWN Promise is a support platform for parents as we raise our kids in the rapidly-changing and challenging world of digital media.

TOWN Promise encourages parents to delay giving smartphones to their children until at least 8th grade, as smartphones easily provide kids with unrestricted, at-your-fingertips access to the Internet and social media . The Promise’s objective is to reduce, if not eliminate, the social pressure to have a smartphone. This community-based support platform will unite parents with a public promise so parents can see who else has chosen to delay. They can share these names with their children so children won’t feel alone and waiting won’t seem so hard.

Parenting in the digital age is extremely challenging as new research and data is being released nearly daily. We also understand that children will have smartphones and access to technology, if not now then in the near future, and we must prepare ourselves as parents and our children on how to use it responsibly. For this reason, the core mission of the Promise is to support, educate and partner with all community members, regardless of whether you choose to delay or not.

Through our Promise platform, we will support ALL TOWN parents with educational events and partnerships with leading professionals in the field. TOWN/Concord Promise will connect these psychologists, medical doctors and research professionals - all of whom are studying the effects of media on children and are willing to share information, advice and tips - with our parents. Parents can also access the Concord Promise closed Facebook group which is a forum for parental support. The Promise provides resources and comprehensive information to assist parents and kids on the risks and responsibilities of technology use. With this support and the knowledge of recent research regarding the impact of smartphones on developing brains, our hope is that, together, we can make small changes to give our kids the gift of a hands-free, heads-up childhood.

To learn more about the TOWN Promise, and to join, please visit (INSERT WEBPAGE)