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I am writing to invite you to join an exciting initiative that has just launched in Concord, MA called Concord Promise. Concord Promise is a support platform for parents who are raising kids in the rapidly-changing and challenging world of digital media.

Concord Promise encourages parents to delay giving smartphones to their children until at least 8th grade. The Promise’s objective is to reduce, if not eliminate, the social pressure to have a smartphone. This community-based support platform will unite parents with a public promise so parents and kids can see who else is on board. Then kids won’t feel so alone, and waiting won’t seem so hard!

The core mission of Concord Promise is to support, educate and partner with community members.  Through this platform, we will support ALL parents - whether you choose to delay or not - through educational events and partnerships with leading professionals involved with kids and technology. Our children will have access to smartphones and other smart devices sooner or later, and we all need help in preparing our children to use technology responsibly.

Supported by recent research regarding the impact of smartphones on developing brains, our hope is that, together, we can make a change and give our kids the gift of a hands-free, heads-up childhood!  

The Promise provides many resources to assist both parents and kids, a great information/FAQ page, and access to our closed Facebook community forum.

If you child does not attend school in Concord, you can still be involved in the movement. Your Promise is a community-specific support platform for parents outside of Concord. To learn more, visit the Your Promise webpage.

To learn more about the Concord Promise, and to join, please visit:

Please feel free to forward this email along. Let’s support each other!