Wellesley Promise

We are thrilled to have parents from Wellesley, MA join our movement! By completing this form, you agree to delay purchasing a smartphone for your child until at least eighth grade, as smartphones easily provide kids with unrestricted, at-your-fingertips access to the Internet and social media. Please complete a separate form for each child. If your child is in preschool, please type-in the expected elementary school. If you're interested in getting more involved, please let us know!

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Your privacy is our first priority. We will never share your email address with others. We will include your name and your child's school on our public "Promise Members" page. All other information will remain private. We will not publish your child's name on our website. It is never our intention to bombard you with emails, we communicate most information via our Facebook page but occasionally (about once a month) send out emails about Promise news, community events and information.