“MARC’s new research finds that very early use of cell phones increases the risk of involvement in bullying and cyberbullying.  Concord Promise’s practical approach to delaying smartphone use by children makes a great deal of sense, and I support it entirely.”

- Dr. Elizabeth Englander, Director, Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center
Never before has technology imbedded itself so deeply into the minute-to-minute reality of our lives. Social media and smartphones have become the new landscape where teens define themselves, develop relationships, and understand love and intimacy. In our workshops and presentations across the country, we meet parents who are longing for community, to not be alone in delaying access to screens. Concord Promise offers this community, supporting parents in making the hard decisions we know are best for our kids!
— Sharon Maxwell, Ph.D., Human Values Digital World
“As this generation of kids experiences unprecedented depression and suicide-related behaviors tied to their use of smartphones and social media, Your Promise (Concord Promise) offers parents and schools the guidance they need to foster children’s and teens’ health and well-being.”
— Richard Freed, Ph.D., psychologist, speaker, and author of Wired Child: Reclaiming Childhood in a Digital Age
Concord Promise is an important organization that can help parents meet the challenges of raising kids during the digital age.
— Jean Kilbourne, Pioneering Activist, Speaker and Author
We all want our kids to be as happy and healthy as they can be. It is becoming more obvious every day that raising happy, healthy kids means sensible limits on screen time, and delaying screen use until as late in life as possible.
— Joe Clement, Veteran Teacher and Author of Screen Schooled: Two Veteran Teachers Expose How Technology Overuse is Making Our Kids Dumber
“I just literally cheered out loud for you when I saw your post about the Concord Promise. I have had several emotional moments in the past few weeks watching how disconnected from one another kids and parents are today. It breaks my heart to see. I realize it is a big part of all of our worlds, but we have to figure out a way to reign it in and reconnect as humans - as parents and families. I was one of those that was able to hold off until 8th grade. Even at that, I didn’t allow texting until high school, and I managed to raise an amazing, smart, socially and civically conscious young woman”
— Michele T., Parent
We should all be aware that screens are no substitute for human interaction.
— Dr. Alan Meyer, Pediatrician, Emeritus Professor, Boston University