Part of being a parent is the ability to adapt. Initially, we didn’t think much about smartphones and the power of constant internet access. But as we have lived with these devices, we’ve discovered the very real risks associated with always being connected, particularly for kids. We have to take that information and think about making some real changes. We have to support each other as we evolve. That is why we created the Promise. It is as much a promise to delay smartphone ownership as it a platform for support and education as it relates to smart devices. We want to give our kids the gift of a heads-up, hands-free childhood.
— - Adrienne Principe, Co-founder


Support.  At its core, Concord Promise is a support network for parents, whether they choose to purchase a smartphone for their child or not.  Our network encourages parents to share their experiences, their knowledge, their tips, and tricks.  We believe that if we have these conversations together, it will help reduce the social pressure among elementary and middle school kids to have smartphones with unrestricted, at-your-fingertips access to the Internet and social media. Make smartphones the exception, not the rule.  Meet our Concord, MA Parent Members.

Our commitment to give our kids a heads-up, hands-free childhood extends beyond Concord. Click here to learn about Turning Life On and to launch or join outside of Concord.

Educate.  Knowing the facts about the ever-changing landscape of technology is nearly impossible to keep up with.  Concord Promise provides quality educational programming as it relates to the risks and responsibilities of smartphones, the Internet, and social media usage for children. Our goal is to arm parents and kids with the information they need to make informed decisions about technology. We will provide tools to help parents and kids maintain control over technology usage, as appropriate use of technology is essential to our children's mental and physical health. Attend an Event.

Partner. Concord Promise collaborates with technology and healthcare professionals, as well as school leaders and educators, to encourage thoughtful conversations and policies. We act as liaisons between our network of parents and our expert partners, who can help us to teach our children digital citizenship. Meet our Partners.

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